Idea Academy is an internship program hosted by the creative agency Idea AD. The program offers a chance for university students to join our team and experience a real-life workflow in our advertising agency.
Prepare a video (max 90 Sec) to show us “why would You be the best person to join our team?” and insert here the link of the video:

Here you can insert the link to your portfolio or blog with your works, if there is any:

APRIL 30, 2014
Idea Academy internship
applications deadline.

MAY 2014
Applications are reviewed and
semi-finalist interviews are
conducted by Idea Group

Idea Academy begins.
Go crazy. Join now. Get infected.
Internships are available in the following creative agency disciplines: account manager, designer, creative copywriter, digital and social media specialist. You are the right person to apply if you recognise yourself in the descriptions below!

Account Manager
You love numbers and in your world trains are never late. While on a roadtrip, you are the The Human-GPS-Google-Map. Meanwhile the others are dreaming and giving the New Year’s promises, you are putting together timelines and budgets to put your ideas into practice. Your communication skills are impressive – if you wanted, you could make the whole Estonian Song Festival audience to dance Gangnam Style.

You’ve been practicing for hours to attain perfection in writing your signature. Every “R.I.P” and “Dima was here” written on a trash bin makes you wonder about the typeface.You’ll find ways for improvement in every advertisement you see. Your parents should have named you Soulful Composition.

Creative Copywriting
You love to socialize, and giving a speech is nothing new for you. You have written thousands of birthday cards and directing all the theme parties of your friends. You’re excellent in expressing yourself. You always finish watching even a bad movie, ‘cause it’s so campy. For you Cannes is not just Southern France, it’s the place where you’ll once fulfill your dream to become the best in the world of advertising.

Digital and Social Media
You’re an addict. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever, Social Media Platform is your real name. You don’t visit in principle any of the websites where you need to make more than 3 clicks to find the necessary information. Who they think they are? You sleep with your tablets and Smartphones, and sometimes with the Facebook itself.

It was a year of “Braveheart” winning the Oscar in LA. It was 1996 when Idea was born. Years later we do everything and more. Electrifying creativity, powerful strategy and excellent execution. The Idea is our surname. We know that ideas and creativity are contagious and we’re all infected. Can’t help it.


Three Baltic countries, 14 companies, 160 employees. From that around 60 in 5 different Estonian agencies – creative agency Idea AD, digital agency Idea Lab, PR agency Idea PR and media agencies Idea Havas Media and Idea Metrix.

Our headquarters is located in Maakri quarter, right at the heart of Tallinn. Idea Group is part of the Havas Worldwide and is the biggest group of integrated marketing communication agencies in the Baltics.