Meaningful Brands

Unique global Havas Media framework analyzes and tracks the connections brands have with our quality of life and well-being. It’s a practical tool for finding insights for brand and communication strategy. Meaningful Brands gives answers.

What kind of reputation does the brand have? How to increase meaningfulness of the brand? How much do people care about the brand and how does the brand influence quality of life through collective and individual well-being? How has this changed over time?

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Other customized research

Quantitative research

* Brand research mapping the brand’s purchase funnel, functional and emotional image, the brand’s market position compared with competitors, differentiation possibilities etc.

* Consumer behaviour “Usage & Attitude” research in order to assess target group or potential target group behaviour, e.g. purchase frequency, seasonality, package preferences, spending, quantity etc.

* Client satisfaction research in order to measure how satisfied your clients are, employees or other important target groups, also why people think and feel the way they do and what are the key influencers

* Public opinion research measuring and analysing people’s opinions and preferences on general issues

Qualitative research

* In focus group interviews, people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. Interviews are conducted by a trained moderator.

* An in-depth interview is a confidential and secure conversation between an interviewer and a respondent. By means of a thorough composed interview guide, approved by the client, the interviewer ensures that the conversation encompasses all the agreed topics. The in-depth interview method is appropriate if you need to gain insight into individual evaluations of a more specific material.

* Ethnographic research usually involves observing target users in their natural, real-world setting, rather than in the artificial environment of a lab or focus group. The aim is to gather insight into how people live; what they do; how they use things; or what they need in their everyday or professional lives.



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Post-campaign survey

Campaign effect on KPIs and campaign recall, understanding of messages and actions, campaign results. We recommend measuring key performance indicators before and after the campaign.

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Brand archetypes survey

What kind of personality does the brand have? What kind of language or tone to use in communication? The goal is to analyze brand identity and give practical solutions for the future.

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Communication pre-testing

Which creative is most effective, attractive and in line with brand strategy? Tests catch possible errors before they happen and pave the way for the most suitable creative. As a result, media investment will return maximum results. Let the most suitable creative do what it’s designed to do.

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Connect study

Connect is the foundation for an effective media strategy. It explains the influence of touch points in different stages of the purchase funnel and their association with the brand. Channels are divided into three: paid, owned and earned media. People’s knowledge, attitude and actions are all analyzed in the decision making process.

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