Brand strategy / Branding

We put together a brand strategy for a new branch launch, rebranding or analysis of an existing brand. Good input for a brand campaign or basis for a campaign for a product or service.

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Business strategy

We contribute to creating the company’s business strategy. We analyze the company’s strengths/weaknesses and goals, market situation and the competition, all with an eye to the needs of the target group. We put together an action plan to achieve the goals and results.


Communication strategy

Communication management is a continuous process. After all, a good public image and effective media relations are closely interlinked. There is always more than one way to get your message across. Communication strategy offers solutions ranging from strategic PR planning to selecting the right content, angle and channels to reach the target audience.


Creative strategy


Digital marketing strategy

We map out client needs in digital media. We then set goals and create a comprehensive strategy covering various fields of digital media and integrate it with the other marketing activities.

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Marketing consultation

Idea is the state of the art in marketing communication. We analyze brand strategy, existing communication activities and choice of media channels. We also look at all existing advertising solutions and give advice on ways to improve and approaches to select in the future.

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Media planning strategy

Any kind of media investment has to generate a real, quantifiable result and provide assurance that the chosen media channel was the right one. We use Havas Media’s unique Meaningful Brands and Connect research to design media strategies. Connect helps correlate research findings with a specific communication channel.

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Spokesperson strategy

A spokesperson strategy defines the range of topics and spokespersons in a company’s media communications. Our services in this field include providing media training for spokespersons.